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One of the most fantastic parts of Malawai is it stunning beach. With the hot temperatures, white sand, blue sea and beautiful sealife, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world.

While there you can go surfing, rowing, sailing, yachting and snorkelling. Snorkelling is enormous fun, simple to learn and an ideal way to gain confidence in the water. It is possible to anyone - young or old - and is a great way to get the whole family involved.

For kids and younger members of the family, snorkelling is an excellent introduction to underwater sports and can be a great first stage towards learning to dive.

Snorkelling courses are available to kids and grown-ups alike – beginning with a Snorkel Diver course (or Dolphin Snorkeller for young kids) and going onto Snorkel Dive Manager or even Snorkel Instructor.

You can finish a snorkel course before you set off on holiday or you can find out how to snorkel and discover the amazing underwater sights the fantastic Malawi coastline has to offer.

A good source for this information is the publication "Snorkelling For All", which describes all these topics in detail.

Malawai is a fantastic, diverse country and its brilliant culture and nature should be discovered by all. It is also regrettably a poor country which is why we believe strongly in helping to provide healthcare, education and support to this fantastic and culturally rich nation.

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